Collistar-Italian-Gardens-Maxi-Blusher-Effect-Silk-N22-Rosewood 21,23 EUR*


  • Kategorie: Kosmetik
  • Preis: 21,23 EUR*
  • Ersparnis gegenüber UVP: 10,27 EUR (32,60%)
  • Marke: COLLISTAR SpA
  • Händler: Farmacia Loreto Gallo Germany
    Farmacia Loreto Gallo Germany
Zum Angebot For the Silk Effect Maxi Fard new empathic shades, golden pink and rosewood, which play with the volumes of the face and enhance the complexion in lightness. The secret lies in ultramicronized powders, rich in writing pigments but modulable, enhanced...